Who is CN VoiceOvers ? Besoin d'un narrateur completement Bilingue?

Claudio Napoleoni founded
CN VoiceOvers,
a professional Voice Over Talent recording service bringing complete bilingualism and over 15 years of radio broadcasting, narrations and Marketing experience to the table.

Claudio Napoleoni est un narrateur Francophone et Anglophone a la fois (voix hors champ ou voix-off, comme ont dit). Connu sur le nom de CN Voiceovers, il est un talent de voix hors champs complètement bilingue (sans aucun accent) utilisé pour les pubs, promos, narations coportaive, documentaire et l'habillage radio.

Claudio has worked, as a voice overt artist, with giants such as Chrysler, Montreal Auto Prix, Penske, NASA, Canadian Space Agency, Polaris ATV, SUBWAY and many more. Aparts from his Marketing background, Claudio has gained his experience early in college while re-vamping the campus radio station. hosting various radio shows, being in charge of programing & more. The radio and voice carreer truly took off in the early 90's as NETRadio hired claudio for promotions, sales and marketing. Of course, he could not give up his radio host job, so he did that too!

Radio ads and station Imaging followed naturally...

My voice is quite versatile and being a bilingual male from Montreal I was, and still am, happy to satisfy many National campaigns as well as corporate documentaries for American companies such as the one about ''Winnebago Story''. My voice over service is aimed at anyone having a professional project, from corporate presentation, documentary narration, radio & television imaging, ads, promos, advisments or product presentation demos, gaming, and e-learning. We work with advertising agencies, producers, individuals, marketing directors and company COOs. Professional Broadcast voice over audio files delivered to the way they were meant to be communicated. The main voices offered are one of: Male, Middle-Aged, senior as well as "guy-next-door. Sincere, caring, believable, charming, technical, and dramatic moods are conveyed.

Voice delivery: Poised, confident, credible, collected, caring, concerned, calm or more energetic (like a radio show host), hard sell and Urgent and Military-type hard nose.

Accents: Other than standard Canadian and American English, I offer the stardard French Canadian as well as (Quebecois). I also have a few accents I enjoy conveying; Southern American, British English, European French, also European French speaking English.

Characters: Over the years some characters have stayed with me more than others and I always find great to perform. If you are looking for a Drill Sergeant, Chinese wise man or a Villain laughter...

Range of Projects: Narrations, corporate presentations radio and television ads, training videos and product launches as well as branding segments, voice drops and cartoon characters.

Capabilities: Writing the copy (script). Translation of scripts from English to French as well as translating marketing ads from French to English, producing voice overs, adding some sound effects.

Delivery Foramts: Wav, MP3, Mpeg, and many others through email, USB key, Cd and DVD hard copies.

"A Voice Talent must be true to himself first and foremost, truly knowing his capabilities is ensuring client satisfaction through his outstanding work" this is...years of knowledge summed up in what CN Voice Overs is all about!

Take the time to listen to the clips posted here... Perhaps you would like to request a personal audition (demo) to ensure that the voice matches your project...Well you can do that as well !! JUST ASK! Send us an email script (not too long please)... It will be a pleasure to supply you with a private sample!

The Laval Rocket searches for its PA Voice Announcer - La Voix- Annonceur du LavalRocket

I NEED your help in voting me into my DREAM JOB!

One of my dreams is to make it to the Olympics as an announcer… and trust me I have my sights on it!

In order to get to the end goal, I have the opportunity to be the home PA Announcer for the Laval Rockets, ( NHL’s Montreal  Canadiens farm team) !!

There were over 300 initial candidates in the process….We are now down to the final 10!

I need your help in obtaining as many votes as possible to carry me through the next round of 4 candidates ( the final round) where I will ask for your vote once again!

I would be very grateful to you AND you will have the pride of knowing you help a fellow contact get closer to his dreams…. ONE DREAM at a time!

Please vote for me at--- Candidate NUMBER 9  ( Claudio Napoleoni)  by visiting 

J’ai besoin de votre aide !  VOTEZ POUR MOI SVP !!     Le Candidat # 9 
Du 22 -26 mai Seulement!

Un de mes rêves est d’être la voix officielle aux Olympiques mondiaux. Pour m’y rendre, il y a, bien sûr,  quelques échelons à parcourir … et je suis dédier a y arriver.

Je suis UN des heureux candidats du concours la voix officiel du club de Hockey ROCKET de LAVAL ( le club école du Canadiens de Montréal.

Nous étions plus de 300 candidates inscrits au début du concours, nous sommes maintenant que 10 candidats retenus !

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pour le Concours de  La Voix du Rocket de Laval. http://www.rocketlaval.com/en/candidates-voix-rocket/

Hockey Ambassadors - Ambassadeur du Hockey a 91 ANS!

Hockey Canada nous offre des histoires inspirantes!   Je suis fiers de participer aux productions vidéo réalisées Hockey Canada.

Voici l'histoire de Mike Campbell Joueur de Hockey a 91 ans !

Si la vidéo ne demarre pas.... suivez ce lien


Narration:  Claudio Napoleoni de Cn Voiceovers