Who is CN VoiceOvers ? Besoin d'un narrateur completement Bilingue?

Claudio Napoleoni founded
CN VoiceOvers,
a professional Voice Over Talent recording service bringing complete bilingualism and over 15 years of radio broadcasting, narrations and Marketing experience to the table.

Claudio Napoleoni est un narrateur Francophone et Anglophone a la fois (voix hors champ ou voix-off, comme ont dit). Connu sur le nom de CN Voiceovers, il est un talent de voix hors champs complètement bilingue (sans aucun accent) utilisé pour les pubs, promos, narations coportaive, documentaire et l'habillage radio.

Claudio has worked, as a voice overt artist, with giants such as Chrysler, Montreal Auto Prix, Penske, NASA, Canadian Space Agency, Polaris ATV, SUBWAY and many more. Aparts from his Marketing background, Claudio has gained his experience early in college while re-vamping the campus radio station. hosting various radio shows, being in charge of programing & more. The radio and voice carreer truly took off in the early 90's as NETRadio hired claudio for promotions, sales and marketing. Of course, he could not give up his radio host job, so he did that too!

Radio ads and station Imaging followed naturally...

My voice is quite versatile and being a bilingual male from Montreal I was, and still am, happy to satisfy many National campaigns as well as corporate documentaries for American companies such as the one about ''Winnebago Story''. My voice over service is aimed at anyone having a professional project, from corporate presentation, documentary narration, radio & television imaging, ads, promos, advisments or product presentation demos, gaming, and e-learning. We work with advertising agencies, producers, individuals, marketing directors and company COOs. Professional Broadcast voice over audio files delivered to the way they were meant to be communicated. The main voices offered are one of: Male, Middle-Aged, senior as well as "guy-next-door. Sincere, caring, believable, charming, technical, and dramatic moods are conveyed.

Voice delivery: Poised, confident, credible, collected, caring, concerned, calm or more energetic (like a radio show host), hard sell and Urgent and Military-type hard nose.

Accents: Other than standard Canadian and American English, I offer the stardard French Canadian as well as (Quebecois). I also have a few accents I enjoy conveying; Southern American, British English, European French, also European French speaking English.

Characters: Over the years some characters have stayed with me more than others and I always find great to perform. If you are looking for a Drill Sergeant, Chinese wise man or a Villain laughter...

Range of Projects: Narrations, corporate presentations radio and television ads, training videos and product launches as well as branding segments, voice drops and cartoon characters.

Capabilities: Writing the copy (script). Translation of scripts from English to French as well as translating marketing ads from French to English, producing voice overs, adding some sound effects.

Delivery Foramts: Wav, MP3, Mpeg, and many others through email, USB key, Cd and DVD hard copies.

"A Voice Talent must be true to himself first and foremost, truly knowing his capabilities is ensuring client satisfaction through his outstanding work" this is...years of knowledge summed up in what CN Voice Overs is all about!

Take the time to listen to the clips posted here... Perhaps you would like to request a personal audition (demo) to ensure that the voice matches your project...Well you can do that as well !! JUST ASK! Send us an email script (not too long please)... It will be a pleasure to supply you with a private sample!

Pratt & Whitney PW800 - Go beyond


A Canadian Engineering success story

Presentation de David Lemieux Annonceur du Rocket

David Lemieux s'est fait introduire pour la mise au jeu protocolaire à la Place Bell par Claudio Napoleoni- l'annonceur maison du Rocket de Laval

Voice Of the Rocket - Claudio Napoleoni

Being the Voice of the Rocket ( The AHL's  Laval Rocket) is thrilling, exciting and more demanding than you'd think!

After being voted into the position through a public contest, Claudio Napoleoni settled into the PA Announcer job in late September when the preseason began at Place Bell.

He was introduced onto the bench (his new office) by Michel Lacroix, veteran PA Announcer for the Montreal Canadiens, and happily admits, it was a thrill in and of itself.

 La Voix du Rocket de Laval - ROCKET PA ANNOUNCER

Since the inaugural game last October 6th, he feels much more comfortable and in his element along side many high-profiled players and staff. "Being greeted by staff and players alike on a daily basis is a surreal feeling", admits the voiceover professional.

"I must admit being a little nervous at the beginning but every new game presentation allowed me to get more comfortable in the driver's seat. and I truly am enjoying myself". 

The envy of many, Claudio is no stranger to the Public Announcer position in sports, having stepped into the position for 4 seasons with the Laval Comets soccer Club (USL-W league) as well as for the Montreal Impact's farm team, FC Montreal in 2016. He takes on this new challenge in hopes that this path will lead him to the Paralympics as PA Announcer for the Canadian National Sledge Hockey Team.

He admits that the position comes with somewhat of a spot light, "I 
like to take advantage of every opportunity to meet the Rocket Fans, I get a kick out of  walking the main halls, in between periods and seeing the reactions.... It's just ME after all!


PROJOB Vetements pour Travailleur - Swedish security apparel manufactrer

Claudio Napoleoni has been given the opportunity to voice this fantastically shot corporate video in French Canadian.   Need a narrator in either English or French ? 
Head to www.claudiovoiceovers.com and let's talk about your next project!

Claudio Napoleoni has been given the opportunity to voice this fantastically shot corporate video in French Canadian.   Need a narrator in either English or French ?  Head to www.claudiovoiceovers.com and let's talk about your next project!

QTQ what is sound ?

How can sound be explained?

Claudio Napoleoni from CN VoiceOvers narrates this mini-documentary 
capsule for Quarks to Quasars.

Find out interesting facts about what SOUND really is !

For more information about Claudio Napoleoni's voice over styles 

Rocket de Laval Cérémonies Tapis Rouge du 6 octobre 2017

Match inaugurale Du Rocket de Laval le6 Octobre 2017 a La PlaceBell !

Claudio Napoleoni - La voix officiel du Rocket  ( Annonceur Maison)
www.claudiovoiceovers.com   or www.cnvoiceovers.ca

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Much more than a Sports APP!
This app allows you to schedule games, practices, figure out who's coming, fund raise etc...
SPORDLE   for sports.... Amateurs or Pros!
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PS  Claudio Napoleoni is the voiceover talent used in this video
Cette vidéo comprends La voix hors-champs du narrateur bilingue Claudio Napoleoni.

La Voix officiel (annonceur Maison) du Rocket de Laval