Who is CN VoiceOvers ? Besoin d'un narrateur completement Bilingue?

Claudio Napoleoni founded
CN VoiceOvers,
a professional Voice Over Talent recording service bringing complete bilingualism and over 15 years of radio broadcasting, narrations and Marketing experience to the table.

Claudio Napoleoni est un narrateur Francophone et Anglophone a la fois (voix hors champ ou voix-off, comme ont dit). Connu sur le nom de CN Voiceovers, il est un talent de voix hors champs complètement bilingue (sans aucun accent) utilisé pour les pubs, promos, narations coportaive, documentaire et l'habillage radio.

Claudio has worked, as a voice overt artist, with giants such as Chrysler, Montreal Auto Prix, Penske, NASA, Canadian Space Agency, Polaris ATV, SUBWAY and many more. Aparts from his Marketing background, Claudio has gained his experience early in college while re-vamping the campus radio station. hosting various radio shows, being in charge of programing & more. The radio and voice carreer truly took off in the early 90's as NETRadio hired claudio for promotions, sales and marketing. Of course, he could not give up his radio host job, so he did that too!

Radio ads and station Imaging followed naturally...

My voice is quite versatile and being a bilingual male from Montreal I was, and still am, happy to satisfy many National campaigns as well as corporate documentaries for American companies such as the one about ''Winnebago Story''. My voice over service is aimed at anyone having a professional project, from corporate presentation, documentary narration, radio & television imaging, ads, promos, advisments or product presentation demos, gaming, and e-learning. We work with advertising agencies, producers, individuals, marketing directors and company COOs. Professional Broadcast voice over audio files delivered to the way they were meant to be communicated. The main voices offered are one of: Male, Middle-Aged, senior as well as "guy-next-door. Sincere, caring, believable, charming, technical, and dramatic moods are conveyed.

Voice delivery: Poised, confident, credible, collected, caring, concerned, calm or more energetic (like a radio show host), hard sell and Urgent and Military-type hard nose.

Accents: Other than standard Canadian and American English, I offer the stardard French Canadian as well as (Quebecois). I also have a few accents I enjoy conveying; Southern American, British English, European French, also European French speaking English.

Characters: Over the years some characters have stayed with me more than others and I always find great to perform. If you are looking for a Drill Sergeant, Chinese wise man or a Villain laughter...

Range of Projects: Narrations, corporate presentations radio and television ads, training videos and product launches as well as branding segments, voice drops and cartoon characters.

Capabilities: Writing the copy (script). Translation of scripts from English to French as well as translating marketing ads from French to English, producing voice overs, adding some sound effects.

Delivery Foramts: Wav, MP3, Mpeg, and many others through email, USB key, Cd and DVD hard copies.

"A Voice Talent must be true to himself first and foremost, truly knowing his capabilities is ensuring client satisfaction through his outstanding work" this is...years of knowledge summed up in what CN Voice Overs is all about!

Take the time to listen to the clips posted here... Perhaps you would like to request a personal audition (demo) to ensure that the voice matches your project...Well you can do that as well !! JUST ASK! Send us an email script (not too long please)... It will be a pleasure to supply you with a private sample!

How to get YOUR message out to the masses in an Easy way

In the world of webmedia, no one is more focused on bringing you the proper way to show your product or service. The message is sometimes very urgent, or requires a certain finesse to demonstrate. One thing is for sure, if you choose the right partner, THAT message gets conveyed VERY Powerfully.
I have found that the poeple at illustrateit can definately help you get YOUR message, service or product delivered in a neat package that everyone understands clearly from the start. Its simply with illustrations!
that is what illustrate It! does...and hey do it well !

See the following video, You'll undertsand what their capabilities are.

DVD Karaoke Jukebox ready to have Claudio Napoleoni Voice their Promos

Indeed, as November approached, Claudio from CN Voiceovers was given the mandate to voice bothe English and French Promos of the DVD KARAOKE JUKEBOX collection's infomercial. This has been Claudio's On-screen debut and went extremely well. We are exstatic avec the results says Claudette B- Owner of the exclusive collection. This is the fastestselling Karaoke collection allowing for much more than singing... It also includes dance lessons, as well as a fitness program right on the DVDs themselves!

The collection will be offered throughout the Sam's club store in the US and Costco, walmart, Zellers and more within Canada.

CN voice overs getting more recognition

October 25, 2011, CN VoiceOvers Chrylser Jeep Dodge Ram reatilers pick Claudio Napoleoni from CN Voiceovers for their 2011 liquidation and 2012 roll out radio ads.

Claudio Napoleoni from CN Voiceovers hired at Mike FM 105.1

September 20th, 2011

With recent changes at the CHCR group on Parc Avenue in Montreal Canada, Owner Marie Griffiths has exetended her family with the hiring of Claudio Napoleoni from CN VoiceOvers as the Official "Commercials and Promotions" Voice Over artist.

"Claudio's responsibility will be to produce English, French, Bilingual & Multilingual adverts and Promos for both our banners, Mike Fm 105.1 and  CKIN Fm 106.3" says Mrs Griffiths.
"Claudio's vaste array of voices, pitches and tones is exciting to hear and he is exstatic to be on board as an excellent addition to our Family."

Illustrate It! Hires Claudio Napoleoni for French Voice over

In September, a call came from a truly talented company called Illustrate IT inc!  Headed by Wayne Ferris, its mission is to produce & create drawn analogies that exemplify & enlighten as top quality web-based presentations. Illustrate It simplies anything that requires expalnation

Claudio Napoleopni had the opportunity and pleasure to Work with Wayne's group in supplying a narration for the Highly reknowned I.T. supply chain specialists called COMPUGEN.

The experience was totally awesome, Wayne has a terrific group and it was a true pleasure to provide my French VO for the Compugen project.

Illisutrate it ! can be found on the web at http://www.illustrateit.tv/
For  a great illustrated explaniation to any service or company, they come highly recommended.

Bilingual male narrator and Voice Over Talent

Narrator & Narration voice overs in both French Canadian, and English. 
Bilingual Male voice over talent providing voice over production for business narrations, corporate narrations, power point presentations, Industrial narrations, explanatory and instructional DVDs, website tours, demonstration videos, promotional videos.

English and French Canadian Male E-Learning voice overs
Professional voice over services for E-Learning, training materials, how-to videos,  educational tools, tutorials,  instructional video guides.

Male, Documentary Narrator
Dramatic, suspenseful and/or  upbeat Male voice over talent providing voice overs for documentaries & films, and animes on major networks, cable networks and specialty channels.

Television station imaging
Professional voice over services for television station identifications, TV promos and for major cable networks, national and local television.

Voice overs for Radio imaging and commercials
Believable, strong, voice over talent and producer providing voice overs for Television commercials, radio station imaging & radio commercials.
Cartoon Character voice overs
Bilingual, male voice over talent providing accents and voice overs characterizations for animation, cartoons, gaming characters, documentaries, educational  films, animated pictures, and short flicks.

 Gaming character and Video Game narration voice overs
French and English Professional voice over services for video game characterization, introductions or trailers.
Listen to us, get a quote AND get a FREE audition at http://www.cnvoiceovers.ca/

Hire CN VoiceOvers...Claudio, Bilingual Male Voice Over talent

WWW.CNVOICEOVERS.CA  is NOW Online...listen to demos from a 13 year old veteran broadcaster. Bilingual Male VO (voice Over Talent), conversational, bilingual, believable,  narrative, intelligent,hardsell, technical and /or corporate sound. The number One choice for your documentary, narration, advertising, promotion and /or  product launch VO project.

Now you can get the full information bio and listen to demos ONLINE  from CN Voice Overs
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Guiness record to be broken - Soccer in Laval 2011

Quebec's Soccer Federation will celebrate its 100 Year Anniversary in June 2011.. Huge party to be had, Soccer matches, autograph signing session and Most importantly a Guiness Record to be broken for the most attended Soccer event EVER ! Share the video and spres the word!!!

Check it out here...

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With these fast moving times and massive marketing opportunities that lie ahead of us all, it is more important than ever to have a fantastic campaign behind our products.

A great VoiceOver or narration can make a real difference as to how well a product sells on Radio and Television.

With over 15 years of experience in Marketing and radio broadcasting I know what it takes to get the job done...right!

Whether you require a voice for an audio narration, radio or television advertising voice, short film voice or a voice-over talent for cartoon characters, corporate presentations, sales pitch slide shows, or animation projects…

I would like to invite you to listen to the following individual voice demos to find one that not only stimulates you, but can strike a chord with your target audience.

Call me or email me at your convenience to get a quote or a custom audio voice demo.

Best regards,
Claudio Napoleoni- CN VoiceOvers
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